CADRE PICTURES is Melbourne's freshest animation and cgi visual effects company, specializing in short-form projects for Advertising, Marketing and Digital Media.  New it may be, but we have some of the most experienced and talented animation and visual effects short-form production talent in Australia.

Having spent many years working closely together under the Iloura and Method Studios banners, the CADRE PICTURES team has created award winning animation and visual effects for many of Australia’s top companies and Agencies. The founders, Steven Kerswell, Sigi Eimutis, Ben Bryan and Alan Do are thrilled to finally be able to take their decades of combined studio production experience, and provide the best of these experiences, and techniques, into a package called CADRE PICTURES.

Computer generated imagery [cgi], in all its forms, encompasses so many varying skill-sets, and even though most projects require similar skills, every project will need a unique range of skills. One of our strengths is the ability to tap into a network of highly skilled artists and bring the best people onto your project. This network doesn't appear overnight. It's nurtured over many years and is the result of Steven and Sigi creating artist-centric environments in their previous positions.

As a creative, you need a studio to listen to understand, interpret your brief, then present you with visual representations of these ideas, as well as presenting additional options. You then need to see these ideas take shape quickly so you have time to craft a solution, a flow, a message, a story - in a world with shrinking production times.

As a producer you need flexibility. Milestones seem to shift now more than ever. Approval dates drift. You need a studio with an internal workflow that allows for movement and can still deliver the quality result everyone imagined in pre-production.

CADRE PICTURES will do this for you. That's one of the things that makes us different and sought after.

In the time since CADRE PICTURES opened, we have, and continue to work with some amazing clients. Here's a growing list of respected brands that have come through our door that you may recognise.