Ben has the rare combination of a formal design background, along with a technical problem solving ability. He has lovingly designed the systems and workflows that carry the creative juices at CADRE PICTURES which then materialize quickly and efficiently into stunning images. Every project has it's own set of technical customisations, and it's Ben that authors these tools and then integrates them into the system's backbone. But being an experienced CG artist in his own right, every adaptation of the pipeline is done in a way that is artist friendly.

Here is a selection of projects where Ben was instrumental in providing a smooth and efficient workflow in which the artists could flourish...


New Zealand Lotto 'High Five' Penguins

Agency: DDB New Zealand
Production: Plaza Films
Director: Paul Middleditch


2XU - CG Stadiums with VFX Breakdown

Client: 2XU
Director: Mark Toia


Honda 'Grade Logic'

Client: Honda Australia
Agency: DraftFCB Melbourne


Open University 'Open your mind'

Client: Open Universities Australia


Target 'The Greatest Toy Sale on Earth' 2015

Client: Target
Agency: AJF Partnership


Kleenex Cottonelle ‘Heart Of Borneo’

Client: Kimberly Clark
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Sydney