Agency - GTB Australia
Live Action Director - Tov Belling / Cognition Content
CGI Rock Design, Production and Compositing - Cadre Pictures
Edit | Grade | Online - Manimal
Sound - Front Of House
Original Music - Sarah Blasko

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It all started with this image. The imposing figure of the mighty Ford Everest Trend perched high on a mountain of rocks. It set everyone's imagination alight.

We started off with a 'casting' sheet of rocks where individual shapes were chosen as well as mixing and matching portions of one rock with another.


Once a number of rocks were cast, we moved onto modeling/texturing as well as breaking a few along the way - by design that is. The texture we went for was coal-like, where as the rocks themselves still needed to be imposing and strong. Basalt was seen as a good example of the density and size our boulders should be.


The script called for blue rocks breaking through the pristine floor to create a rocky landscape. This required FX animation and simulations. Here's a couple of SIMS we produced along the way.

LOOK development

As the CGI rocks were evolving, we looked at various options of rock placement using our fully CGI stand-in Everest. As well as being our place holder, we matchmoved the CGI Everest to our live action Everest plates for the purpose of generating rock reflection passes. Here are three frames showing the progression of the shot along with the reflections forming on the vehicle.