Agency - GTB Australia
Live Action Director - Curtis Hill | Mr. Smith Projects
CGI Design | Production | Compositing -  Cadre Pictures
Edit | Grade | Online - Manimal
Sound - Front Of House
Original Music - Sarah Blasko

BEhind the scenes >



Even prior to the project being formally confirmed, we started development of the suspended car concept using a stand-in Ford Fusion.

From the outset, the brief called for languid shots and using Depth Of Field (DOF) and lighting effects where possible. After all, this was a dream-like world.

With the outstanding speed and quality of the GPU renders, rendering DOF straight out Redshift was a no-brainer. Rendering dispersion was also a breeze. Here's some of our early low-poly tests:


The plan was to reflect as much real world environment into the deep black glass roof and panels of the Mondeo as possible. We started with a selection of HDRIs to test with and it didn't take long to make the car sit into its surrounds:


We knew from our HDR tests that we needed to hang our car in a space that had a glass roof both for lighting and for reflections. The rest was open to design. Here's a selection of concept drawings and early environment test renders:


The design evolved into a gallery-like, modern, minimalist, and spacious room with a large roof window.


We've used the Occipital Structure scanner on an iPhone with Skanect quite a bit now, and this time we used it to scan our talent so that the modelers had a good starting point to model a proxy of her to use for reflections in the Mondeo. This is what we captured in 5 minutes:

It's all about the reflections

Something you don't generally see is all the render passes that go into the final composite. It's interesting to see them on their own. Here's four of the dozen or so Mondeo passes:

3 way split

And finally, here's a clip showing the pre-visualization, the offline and the final commercial, side by side: