honda - 7 year sale

Agency - Leo Burnett
Production Company - Fiction Films
Director - Jake Robb
Edit & Post - Mr Fox
Sound - Bang Bang Studios
CGI Motion Design & Animation - Cadre Pictures

project notes

Under normal circumstances, 3D tracking a series of shots and replacing the background with a CGI one isn't that uncommon. But editing the commercial, getting approval on the edit, 3D camera tracking, grading, rotoscoping, CGI placement and alignment of the graphics and replacement set, general retouch and cleanup - all done and dusted within a week, WITH a public holiday thrown in the mix, is a steller effort by anyone's standard.

Hats off to the collaboration between Andy, Felicity, Drew and Clare at Mr Fox Post, Jake and Jackie at Fiction Films and the crew here at Cadre Pictures. Looking forward to the next one.

Have a look below at a selection of Before and After images...