Agency - CumminsHybrid South Australia
Sound - Justin Astbury
Design, Animation & Compositing - Cadre Pictures


Working alongside the CumminsHybrid team in Adelaide to realise this spot for South Australia's JOBEX, was an absolute pleasure.

With just on four weeks to design, animate and composite the commercial, Pat and his Cadre Pictures design team had their work cut out for them, and after meeting with Craig and his team at CumminsHybrid at the very start of the project, the scene was set for an exciting month in which to see this idea come to life.

As look development continued, the technical R&D stepped in to ensure a smooth workflow for the business end of the project. At times the team were rendering 20+ layers via C4D and After Effects without any serious complications.

In the early days, we chatted with Craig and his team every couple of days about the creative direction, where as towards the end of the project, that become more frequent, even daily, as the time to fine tune the design/animation came upon us. FRANKIE was our remote collaboration tool of choice that bridged the distance gap and made for clear concise communication and exchange of ideas.

Nice work everyone!