We enjoy what we do and we want to be able to do more of it, for more clients, so what we're always looking out for is senior artists who would like to create with us.

We're keen to hear from interested senior artists who are either based in Melbourne and are willing to work from our studio in Richmond, or artists from further afield willing to join us remotely from the comfort of their own studio, on short to long term contracts.

We use 3DSMAX, MARI, MUDBOX, Z-BRUSH, REDSHIFT and FUSION as our base workflow software, but we also regularly work with animators and modelers who use MAYA, lighters who use VRAY as well as HOUDINI fx artists, C4D motion designers and NUKE and AFTER EFFECTS compositors. At the end of the day, if you have the skills to produce outstanding results, we'll work towards adapting our workflow to suit your preferred software.

We're also very keen to hear from Environment and Concept artists as more of our work employs these specialist skills.

The key word here is SENIOR. You must have at least 6 years experience in a senior level either within, or in conjunction with, animation, visual effects and/or motion design studio(s).

These are the specialties we're after:

.Modeling and texturing
.Shader development using Redshift
.Rigging in 3DSMAX
.Character animators
.FX artists
.Lighting in 3DMAX & Redshift
.Compositors - with an eye for finishing (After Effects/NUKE/Fusion)
.Concept artists
.Environment/Matte Painting artists

Let us know that you exist, that you have the skills we need, and that you're interested in contract work by completing the details below. Please include a link to your best work either as clips, and/or portfolio.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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