New $50 banknote

New $10 banknote

New $5 banknote

Agency - Spinach
CGI Design and Production - Cadre Pictures

making it all cgi

This project started as a live action shoot with the intent of swapping out a stand-in prop with CGI money, but as initial discussions got underway, it became clear that approaching it in this manner would impose limitations that would compromise the very message of this commercial. And besides, who's not up for the challenge of creating realistic hands in CGI? Here's a clip of our CGI hands going through some initial rigging/animation tests:

Motion design

These new notes have a series of remarkable security features and many of these change appearance based on the viewing angle and direction to light. So whilst one team was tasked with creating the realistic hands, another team was developing the approach to faithfully portray the effect of the various icons embedded in the new note. This is a selection of these:

And as well as security features, the new note also has tactile features to assist the visually impaired that needed to be clearly conveyed.

A selection of images showing elements of the process.