Having spent two decades supervising and producing high-end visual effects at Iloura and Method Studios, Sigi is as adept advising on VFX approach from project inception and pre-production, as he is at ensuring a smooth shoot and post-production process. 

With a background in live action as an assistant director, Sigi was lured to the dark arts of visual effects, achieving respect for dedication to his craft and consistently delivering the creative vision of directors by establishing the most efficient and effective techniques. All while closely supervising the artist team at every step to ensure expectations are always met, work is of outstanding quality and clients delighted.

Following his previous role as Head of VFX Commercials at Method Studios, Sigi, along with his fellow founding partners, now has the opportunity to create the studio he has always wanted - with a focus on the artistry whilst providing a platform for creative and technical innovation to better serve our creative partners.

Below is a small selection of projects Sigi supervised and/or produced whilst at Iloura and Method Studios...


REA 'Australia Lives Here'

Advertiser: REA
Agency: BWM Melbourne


SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water   -  'Happy Holidays'

Client: Nickelodeon / Paramount
Animation & VFX: Iloura


Birds Eye 'SteamFresh'

Advertiser: Simplot
Agency: BWM Melbourne


Spring Valley 'Sensibles'

Advertiser: Cadbury Schweppes
Agency: George Patterson Y&R Melbourne
Directed by: Nice Trees / The Directors Group


Nestle 'Drumstick'

Client: Nestle Peters
Agency: Publicis Mojo Melbourne
Director: Nice Trees / The Directors Group


VicRoads 'Share The Road'

Advertiser: VicRoads
Agency: Marmalade Melbourne


UBE 'New Substance'

Client: UBE Industries Ltd., Japan
Creative Agency: AOI


AFL 'Behind The Scenes - Crowd Simulation'

Client: AFL